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B-Sides Festival 2020

The B–Sides Festival is an annual festival that is happening in Kriens, Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland. With about 5000 visitors every year, the B–Sides Festival attracts it’s people with a range of independent and underground music groups from Switzerland, all over Europe and other countries.
2020 was the 15th anniversary of the festival. We decided to make it the festival of the people–for all those who work behind the scenes.

Creative direction, Shirts, Caps, Batches, Stickers, Wristbands, Posters, Folded flyer, Website, Trailer, Typeface, Decoration, Social Media

Photography: kim pham
typeface: Fabio Furlani
Trailer: Florian Geisseler
Webcoding: Manuel Von Rotz
Website: visit here